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Please contact me on Facebook (Artwork by Catzy Munster), instagram ( or artstation! Links to the right. All serious requests will be answered there, NOT through forms via this page. 

If you're not on social media, you can contact me via email:





Keep in mind this is a hobby and not my full-time job.

Slots are therefore limited, and I might turn down certain requests. As of right now, I have the limit of one commission a month.

Payment by VIPPS, konto overføring or Paypal. 

Non-refundable start amount on all commissions are 25%.

If you're outside of the Norwegian border, DM for shipping quotes.

Paper sizes:

A5 - 21 x 15cm

A4 - 21 x 30cm

A3 - 42 x 30cm

Pens being used are of Micron and Faber-Castell Pitt. Pencils are Faber-castell 9000 and Staedler. 


Small sketches in A5 size, will be drawn with pens. Will be made in one day. Price depends on your character of choice and details.


Keep in mind I have 50+ gaming related already done from Retromessa and might already have what you’re looking for! In stock ready to ship from franchises like Ucharted, Mass Effect, Genshin Impact, Daganronpa, Horizon/Aloy, Darkstalkers, diverse retro and more.


Paper: Sakura Bristol 20 manga paper (A5, 250gsm)

Perfered motifs: Gaming, anime characters

*Unlimited slots 


Price: 125 - 400 NOK + shipping


These make great gifts and are one of a kind - never to be printed!



kotallo – Kopi.jpg


Pet portraits and regular potraits in A5 and A4. These will be made with pens and pencils, or just pencils - you choose. Name logo can be added if you wish.


Paper: White Bristol (A4, 250gsm)


For this commission work, I appreciate that the following include in your first message:


- I need a clear referance picture

- You need to own the rights to the picture

- You decide when/if the final product can be posted on my SoMe feeds

- What do you want (pen or pencil). We can also discuss what's best for the motive if you’re unsure.
- What size you where thinking about - because of the potential amount of details we may have to discuss this. 
- Good description about your idea.
- Deadline?

120529425_3636866219690970_7635772062574145866_o (1).jpg
120764375_3645879815456277_390584593028353072_o (1).jpg


A5 - 800 NOK

A4 - 1500 NOK

A3 - 3000 NOK*

* with full background 500-1000 NOK extra 

depending on details

+ shipping (70-130 NOK within Norway)

OR pickup at ecents

24173075_1752621868115424_3467764967378208025_o (1).jpg



After Retromessa 2022, my coolest fan, Jon St. John (voice of Duke Nukem) was kind enough to sign to pieces of paper for me to sketch on and sell. These are a little smaller than A4 size, measures c. 27cmx21cm. One is signed upper left corner, one signed downer left corner.

Both are up for grabs!

Paper: Regular sketchig paper (probably ca. 90 gsm)


*Price depends on your character of choice and details.


Startprice: 550 NOK + shipping

Unique chance to own something special for your collection!



I’m always open for a challenge! If you have a project you think would be fitting for me - wether it be painting a wall, draw a logo, illustrate something for you or you need my input, send me a message. I have experience in illustrating childrens books, drawing album covers, logos, band merchendise and more. 

Do you have a challenge for me? 



If you live outside the Norwegian landborder and want to buy something, because of the change of currency by ordering and shipping from abroad, please contact me beforehand about this.

- Because taking commissions from abroad is very new to me, as of right now post-pandemic I don't have any overview on shipping prices and so on.


- I only take prepayment (paypal) if you're locate elsewhere than Norway. 


- You are of course an important part of the process, and I will send you WIP * images through whatever platform you contact me on


- Referancephotos of private individuals will not be published. I will also ask you for permission to post the finished artwork on my blogs and homepage.


- If purchased any of my artwork it does not give buyer reproduction rights of any kind, unless we agree on other terms.  


- I use drawingpaper of high-quality with a nice thickness, as these catch pencil lines better and can withstand any wear and tear over the years. All pencil drawings will be sprayed with fixatif. This is a clear varnish which provide a protective layer on the drawing, so that the page does not yellow, and the lines will not smear all over if you happen to touch the center of the design on the paper.


- I sometimes create authenticity certificate to my artpiecesfrom my own projects, and if I don't mention it but you want one, I make it with no extra cost.


- When it comes to the reference image are pictures in high quality or large format the best for me as I think that all details are important. I'd perfer if you to find reference pictures yourself, but I can assist if you want the artists take on your idea.


- I stand for packaging of paintings and drawings myself and carefully to make sure that the work will safely reach you. Any questions feel free to ask.


* WIP = Work In Process


Have you been so kind to purchase paintings or ordered anything from me in the last few years, I greatly appreciate your feedback!


I appreciate feedback on how satisfied you are with what you got from me. Send me a picture of what you've bought / ordered and some words about what you thought was good - everything from process to know what you think about the quality - leave a review on my Facebook page or by mail for me to read personally,


I am also very grateful for the pictures you send in with my works on your walls! Thanks to everyone who does this! 

Shipwrecked - The last pagans

Lars Ole (artist name: Ollie) from Shipwrecked here .. just want to add that a partnership with Catzy on the album cover has been an incredibly nice and interesting process .. we had an idea that was to see some vikings ride out of an older city, I made a quick collage with some reference photos and sent to Catzy (having seen many wonderful pictures on her site)


We worked alot to find the right location and environment the vikings should be in, .. and so it went back and forth a few weeks before most were in place .. in the last phase (when the horses and the Vikings should be designed) was much back and forth and much opinions from both me and the others in the band about the style of horses and vikings, at the time I suggested that I could take over the remaining both to save Catzy for all opinions and suggestions received from several of us, mostly had the Catzy put things in its proper place..

The location and pose of the horses and vikings are designed by Catzy, my contribution is only to draw my line / style over in addition to little shading. We are incredibly pleased with how it all was, and that we print with silver gets a tough twist.. Anyway, it had not been so good without Catzy, are bound to use her again in similar assignments needed.

- Producer and drummer Ollie, from Shipwrecked

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