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Harry Potter

A4, made with both pens and pencils.


A4, made with both pens and pencils.

Hand drawn lampshades

Made with textile pens.

Desucon 11

My artstand at Desu11, in 2016.

In the credits for helping Sandberg with merchandinse designs.

For Sandberg band

Also seen in the bands music/lyric videos.

GeeKon 2016


Desucon Japan 2015

Artstand at Desucon Japan & Cosplay 2015

List of artist 2014

I'm next to the amazing Daniel Horne!


My and my artstand at Desucon Fantasy II, on april the 5th in Oslo.

On the 21st of May I was on the frontpage of

Consept art

for The Last Pagans

Kat Von D

Oslo, Booksigning December 3rd, 2010. Kat signed it after the picture was taken. Her brother also took a picture of us with the drawing.


Oslo, Booksigning December 3rd, 2010


"Sons of Anarchy" drawn lampshade with pens, took aprox. 4 hours. Standing 15cm tall, bottom 14cm circumference.

Capercaillie project

A capercaillie cast in stone needed some color in a cabin fo a friend of mine, Renate. FEFORE PROCESS

Capercaillie project


Capercaillie project


A capercaillie cast in ceramics, handpainted by me.

FRONT - 13cm high plaster figure, painted by hand by me in acrylic in 3 hours, coated with Fixative, 2010.Christmas present for my brother's little girl.



A4, pens and pencils.


A3, pencils.


50x40cm, acrylics


A3, pencils

A3, pencils

Kalle & Klara

A3, pencils


A3, combo pen and pencil.

The doctor

Matt Smith from "Doctor Who", as the eleventh doctor. Pencils. A4.

Horse, A4

Tattoosketch for a friend of mine.

Tattoosketch for the amazing MUA Mia Aale. This will be a thigh tattoo.

Custom designed tattoo for a very good friend of mine. Each butterfly represent a family member.

Nightwish inspired tattoodesign, taken from a drawing made by me

Custom designed tattoo for a very good friend of mine.

Sketched up and done in Florida, 2011

Custom designed horoscopic tattoo in the sign of the Twins.

The Ruler of Hel

on the right arm to my dear Anne-Torill. Still somewhat unfinished on the photo. Done by Astrid on Personal Art of Ski, Norway. In Norse mythology, Hel is a being who presides over a realm of the same name, where she receives a portion of the dead.


Taken at Classic Tattoo in Oslo in 2007. I drew first a few pair of wings, and various skulls so she could put it together after the way she wanted.


Customer's name is Vidar, and I met him in a concert line! This si a Mjolnir hammer with the symbol at the top of the Viking team he is a member of. Because of the dashed tecnique some details disappeared. This was taken in 2008 by Kai Faust from "Kunsten på Kroppen" in Kopenhagen..

Symmetric clown picture, 50x40cm


My girlie Vicca asked if I would paint a rose from an image she created / edited himself, 30x30cm

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