Photos from customers

Have you been so kind to purchase paintings or ordered anything from me in the last few years, I greatly appreciate your feedback!


I appreciate feedback on how satisfied you are with what you got from me. Send me a picture of what you've bought / ordered and some words about what you thought was good - everything from process to know what you think about the quality - and send via my Facebook page or by mail,


I am also very grateful for the pictures you send in with my works on their walls! Thanks to everyone who has done this! 

Den skjønne Mia sendte meg bildet av mitt "Ginger snaps"-maleri på veggen hennes, takk!

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Terje er stor fan av gitaristen Petter Baarli. Her henger tegningen min (hvite, midten øverst) sammen med orginale verk av Baarli selv. Takk for bildet!

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Petter's tatovering etter inspo jeg tegnet til han.

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Snille Matilde sendte meg enda et bilde av hennes "wall of Catzy", og jeg liker det! Takk!

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Customdesignet tatovering for min navnesøster Catrine!

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Stor takk til Aylar som tok dette bildet etter at han kjøpte "Bride of Chucky"-maleriet mitt!

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Stor takk til Aylar som tok dette bildet etter at han kjøpte "Bride of Chucky"-maleriet mitt!

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Endelig er samlingen komplett! Takk for bildet Joar!

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Matilde sendte meg dette bildet så fort hun fikk tegningen sin, takk!

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Takk til Catrine som sendte meg bildet av tegningen min innrammet! Glad du likte den!

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Takk for bildene Vibeke! Hun er den heldige som eier Alien og Predator-tegningene mine.

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Takk for bildene Vibeke! Hun er den heldige som eier Alien og Predator-tegningene mine.

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Petter kjøpte Metallica-tegningen min av alle coverene tegnet i penn i 2012. Takk!

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"Min vegg" hos mamma.

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Tatoveringsdesign jeg har laget gjennom årene.

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Fikk dette bildet julaften 2011!

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Takk for bildene Vibeke! Hun er den heldige som eier Alien og Predator-tegningene mine.

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Innrammet julegave en venn av meg fikk noen år tilbake.

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"Ginger snaps"

Catrine Andersen is a solid artist with an eye for colorcombinations. WOW! The colors in her pictures are just amazing. She has a steady stroke, and her work is simply amazing, WITH ALL CAPS!

I have already ordered two new acrylic paintings! And have even been sent a tattoo sketch. She never stops to " amaze " me , and I recommend her for the very warmest of those who want quality wall art or have a tattoo idea in my head.

Catrine delivers! And I will definitely order from her again. Ginger Snaps was just perfect, and it is next to the wedding picture in the living room and the TV so that everyone can see it. Now I am waiting anxiously for Dr.Who project and has big plans to create a " fandom " wall .

Overall 6/6 possible!

Some points:

* packages image well in bubble wrap and ensures the product before shipment

(postoffice was careless with the picture, but it's certainly not something that has nothing to do with Catzy, it could not have been better packed)

* to rely on

* is easy to work with

* is nice and genuinely sweet, good service.

* products are of quality

* good dialogue with the customer

* AWESOME lady that generally creates AWESOME art.


- Mia Aale


I stumbled across Catzys artwork several years ago and I was immediately impressed with her ​​work. It was clear that she had great talent, and since then I have been following her art with great respect, and I never doubted that she could go far!

Shipwrecked - The last pagans

We worked alot to find the right location and environment the vikings should be in, .. and so it went back and forth a few weeks before most were in place .. in the last phase (when the horses and the Vikings should be designed) was much back and forth and much opinions from both me and the others in the band about the style of horses and vikings, at the time I suggested that I could take over the remaining both to save Catzy for all opinions and suggestions received from several of us, mostly had the Catzy put things in its proper place..

The location and pose of the horses and vikings are designed by Catzy, my contribution is only to draw my line / style over in addition to little shading. We are incredibly pleased with how it all was, and that we print with silver gets a tough twist.. Anyway, it had not been so good without Catzy, are bound to use her again in similar assignments needed.

- Produseer and drummer Ollie, from Shipwrecked

Lars Ole (artist name: Ollie) from Shipwrecked here .. just want to add that a partnership with Catzy on the album cover has been an incredibly nice and interesting process .. we had an idea that was to see some vikings ride out of an older city, I made a quick collage with some reference photos and sent to Catzy (having seen many wonderful pictures on her site)





Catzy Munster should be "followed", she deserves to be noticed - despite her young age, she is very versatile and accomplished - actual motives are exciting, different and like a breath of fresh air in all that we are used to seeing.


- Lisa

.. In addition to good packaging, fast delivery, good service and good cooperation with the artist, I got a authenticity certificate, a good description of how the painting is done, what type of paint used and how the painting should be treated.

"Metallica collage"

.. It was at least completely raw, got it exactly the way I wanted it and we agreed that you were going to go over with pen on it. You are very open to the desires and thoughts about what she should make for some and it is awesome! You have a great talent Catrine and I will continue to use you and nobody else. She's also design my tattoo!


- Petter

Ordered painting as a Christmas gift for my mother and it was easy to agree on how the painting should look and price. Fast delivery, super communication and very good quality. Highly recommended.


- Torstein

Send me an email with your review or pictures of what you bought, so I post them here.

I even ordered from Catzy many times and I have never been disappointed ! Every time I have paid the agreed price in advance, and she has kept me updated throughout the process. She sends pictures and sketches so that I have been able to choose what I have wanted. She also provided artistic tips to improve your image , which is characterized by experience and eye for details. Pictures have always been received with no problems, and the result has always been above expectation.


I think it's sad to read that people do not take her work and herself seriously. Being an artist today requires hard work and there is a long and hard road, so it's incredibly disappointing that people can not help her on the road to her dream. Being an artist is a job , just like all kinds of professions. Had you traveled to work for days without getting paid, just because your boss seems fit that way?


I hope and wish that one day she will reach her ​​dream and live by this as she likes so well and is so good at! I will help her on the way there, because she is incredibly talented and I want the hard work she does will be worth everything it can!


With me she finds a huge fan and admirer , one very pleased and future purchases , and I recommend her to everyone I know . STÅ PÅ CATZY!


- Matilde , regular customer
(This is also a response to those who does not pay - she insisted to post this )