Lily Munster
Lily Munster portrayed by Yvonne De Carlo. 80x60cm, acrylics.
Mistress of the dark
Elvira potrayed by Cassandra Peterson. 60x80 cm.
Ginger Snaps
60x50cm. SOLD.
The Addams
60 x 50 cm. SOLD.
House of Wax
Vincent Price in "House of Wax" (1953) with the Marie Antoinette wax doll, 90x70cm. IN PRIVATE COLLECTON
Maila Nurmi, 60x80cm. IN MY PRIVATE COLLECTON
The Mummy #1
Boris Karloff and Zita Johann from "The Mummy" (1932) 60x80cm. Painted in a period of two weeks. IN MY PRIVATE COLLECTON
Sir Christopher Lee from "Scars of Dracula" (1970). 50x40cm. FOR SALE
Bela Lugosi
as Dracula, 60x50cm. IN MY PRIVATE COLLECTON
Robert Englund
as Freddy Krueger, 50x40cm. IN MY PRIVATE COLLECTON
Maila Nurmi and the famous Mona Lisa pose, 50x40cm. IN MY PRIVATE COLLECTON
The bride
Elsa Lanchester as the bride of Frankenstein, 50x40cm. IN PRIVATE COLLECTON
Fred Gwynne
Herman in the TV series "The Munsters", 50x40cm. IN PRIVATE COLLECTON
The forever awesome Barbara Steele, here from the movie "Black Sunday" from 1960, 50x40cm, 3 days. FOR SALE
The Master of Suspense, 40x50cm. IN PRIVATE COLLECTON
Bride of Frankenstein
Elsa Lanchester and Colin Clive from 'Bride of Frankenstein "(1935), 60x80cm. FOR SALE.
Costello meets Dracula
Lou Costello as Wilbur meets Bela Lugosi as Dracula, from the movie "Abbott & Costello meets Frankenstein", 60x80cm. Dracula is probably the only one in the world to show interest in Castello's brain! IN PRIVATE COLLECTON
Bride of Chucky
60x80cm, started on this September the 15th 2008, finished December 2010! I probably spent about 2 weeks all together on this. SOLD.
Dr. Death
Vincent Price as Dr. Death from the movie "Madhouse", 50x40cm.
Edgar Allan Poe, 50x40cm. Poe was turning 200 years in 2010. SOLD.
Marty Feldman
as Igor from "Young Frankenstein". 30x40cm
Michael Jackson
from Thriller, 50x40cm. FOR SALE
Harry Potter
40x30cm. FOR SALE.
My cute niece, 50x60cm. IN PRIVATE COLLECTION.
Ex-Metallica Jason Newsted, 50x40cm. SOLD.
Kirk Hammett, 50x40cm. SOLD.
James Hetfield, 50x40cm. SOLD.
Metallica group
50 x 60 cm. SOLD.
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The copyright of this images is and remains the property of the artist. Artwork above is not official or licensed products. No copyright infringement is intended. I do fanart. If purchased any works shown above does not give buyer reproduction rights of any kind.

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Robert Englund

as Freddy Krueger, 50x40cm. IN MY PRIVATE COLLECTON