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About me

Dark Arts Exhibition - Bram Stoker International Film Festival, 2013 (slideshow)

Desucon: Fantasy II, 2014, Oslo Kongressenter

Dark Arts Exhibiton - Bram Stoker International Film Festival, 2014 (slideshow)

Desucon: Cosplay & Japan, 2014, Oslo Kongressenter

Desucon: Cosplay & Japan, 2015, Oslo Kongressenter

GeeKon, 2016, Oslo Kongressenter

Desucon, 2016, Norges Varemesse Lillestrøm
Desucon, 2017, Norges Varemesse Lillestrøm
Desucon, 2018, Norges Varemesse Lillestrøm

Retromessa, 2022, Runarshallen Sandefjord

Pokèmon con, 2022, Chateu Neuf Oslo

Harucon, 2023, Grimstad Bibliotek

Kazokucon, 2023, Marikollen kultursal - Rælingen

Constellation, 2023, Asker Kulturhus

Retromessa, 2023, Bugårdshallen Sandefjord

Spillmessa, 2023, Sørlandets travpark, Kristiansand

Animanga, 2023, Arendal kulturhus

Conpassion, 2024, Samsen kulturhus, Kristiansand

Fredrikstad Sci-fi Festival, 2024

Exhibitions / Artstands
About me
Selected Projects

As a freelance artist I have chosen the alias Catzy Munster, but my real name is Catrine Andersen and I am known for my obsessions with details in drawings, and also paintings inspired by movie monsters and the use of strong color combinations. I have recent years been making a switch from making movie to gaming related pieces, and ultimately find it more rewarding. 

I've been closed for commissions for several years now because of health issues, but work towards being able to start up again in the future. I struggle with fibromyalgia and CFS/ME, and it affects my creativity periodically. I was much in demand for commission work previously, and did design various things from album art and merchendise to tattoo designs. 

Although I have drawn most of my life I started painting with acrylics when I was 15 and sold my first painting the following year. Now being chronically ill I don't paint as much as I'd like to, and havent finishedany paintings since 2016. With an eye for details, I prefer these days to replace the pencil with artist pens, or combine both.


Most inspired by Universal's classical movie monsters and old black'n'white movies, my use of color in paintings are intense and expressionistic. It all started with my interest for movie history, as I tilted over to the genre of horror. I have always been creative, and it gave me the chance to combine two of my biggest interests. I see a lot of myself in the classical monsters, and since they are originally in black and white, it gives me the freedom to color them as I see them for myself.



- God of War: Ragnarok Fan Artbook, Kratos artwork featured. Published by Playstation


- "Permanente linjer", e-book written by me in norwegian, started 2013


- Merchandise design and bandlogo for Sandberg (

- Book illustrations for J. Reuben Silverbird



- Commission for Cherokee/Apache peace ambassador and musician,

J. Reuben Silverbird


- Vinylcover for the album "The Last Pagans" for the band Shipwrecked, in collaboration with producer and drummer Ollie Andersen



- Cover for the EP "DEMOnic #1" for the band Shrine of Haunted

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